Franco Research Group’s support falls into three distinct areas:

• Audience Measurement

• Ratings Research

• New Media & Technology

Audience Measurement

Franco Research Group is known in the media industry for its expertise with Audience Measurement issues and how it drills down into samples to discover issues and opportunities for its clients.

• Experts in local media measurement & methodologies: LPM, Set Meter, Diary, 

• Experts in dozens of different Nielsen TV & Audio custom reports that can help 

• We monitor and drill down in samples to uncover under/over-representation 


• Trend ratings by key characteristics to discover what’s driving ratings loss

  o Most often issues are discovered in sub-samples and building 

Ratings Research

FRG is your turn-key media/ratings research solution. Our expertise can support your media research operation. Some of the targeted research services we provide:

• Identification of who is watching your programming by sample


• Optimization of local news ratings: Who’s watching? How frequently? When 

• Promotion optimization: whether you want to better promote your local  

• With our programming background, we can help you formulate a local


• We can help your Ad sales team formulate estimates and sales positioning


• Multicultural research is more and more important today in our global 

New Media and Technology

The media industry is dynamic & ever-changing with new forms of technology impacting…even driving viewing. FRG is positioned to help you navigate audience measurement on these various new platforms.

• Multi-screen measurement  

• Internet and mobile measurement

• Set Top Box & Return Path Data

block demographic segments not at the national or DMA level.

characteristic/viewer profile

do they watch?

news or syndicated programming, we have to the tools to help.

programming strategy with syndicated programming and local news and help you optimize your scheduled.

pieces with both quantitative and qualitative data

society. We have a background and track record working with local and national Hispanic broadcasters and we can help determine how language and culture are impacting ratings and programming.


inform clients

of key sample characteristics